“Really this message will not be enough to say how amazing Amit and the whole team, Reel Xposure, Belle Joie and Zibi studios has been. You guys have been like family. In such a short time we felt so comfortable and relaxed around you and you made us feel so special. The way you guys just understood our vision and captured it with such beauty and creativity is phenomenal. We thank you and appreciate everything you have done for us. Even though we haven’t received our wedding photos and videos yet but we both know it’s all going to be amazing. Whilst we were researching and planning who to have as our photographers and video guys I remember meeting and talking to so many people that were pretty good but they could not in a million years provide the standard of service that you guys have given us. Every single family member was so happy and really pleased with the way you made them feel. From the eldest to youngest, all felt involved thanks to your care and concern. Amit, you put up with our constant pestering and you made sure all was as we requested and even better. Your time that you gave whilst putting your kids to sleep meant so much to us and you never let us feel as if we were just another job for you. Kamal’s wacky ideas that just made our shoots that extra bit special for example jumping on the train for our pre shoot. Even though we missed the MJ dance there’ll be plenty more chances ahead I’m sure. Zamil’s crazy work pants and friendly nature that made everyone smile and even him climbing the tree for that perfect shot. Zibi’s creativity and determination to get the most of every moment. Shalini a lovely heart who just knew how to add that special touch to every edit. Every little thing really meant so much to us both. We are so grateful that we found you and you were the ones to capture our journey and wedding day. We know that we will have you guys capture our future events too. Really looking forward to seeing how beautifully you have collected our memories and thank you so so much once again. We can’t really do much but whatever little we can do for you please do say as we would love to let more people know about you.”